Follow these steps to order and edit cards on your account.

Note: See the following:

  • If you need to return to the My Cards page, use the Back to Cards button on the Add a Card page rather than your browser’s back button.
  • The fields displayed vary based on the type of cards your account is set up to order. There are three card types:
    • Driver card: A card assigned to a driver that can be used for fuel, maintenance, and/or other purchases.
    • Vehicle Card: A card assigned to a vehicle (one or more drivers) that can be used for fuel and/or maintenance.
    • Expense card: A card assigned to an employee that can be used for business expenses and/or fuel and maintenance.
  • Your card will arrive based on your selected shipping method. Standard mail takes two to five business days. Please allow 48 hours for the card order to process.
Complete Add a Card Page

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