Open an internet browser and type the iConnectData address in the address bar ( Then, press Enter on your keyboard.

On the ICD Log In page, click Forgot Password.

In the Password Request dialogue box, enter your user ID.

Click Continue.

A message displays confirming that an email was sent to the email address associated to your user ID. Check your email for a message titled iConnectData Password Request.

The email contains a link to reset your password. Click the link to return to the Password Request dialog box. Note that this link expires within 72 hours.

Enter your User ID.

Answer one of your security questions from when you originally set up your ICD account.

Enter and then reenter your new password.

Note that you cannot enter a previously used password.

The system displays a green success message. Your new password is now setup. The system will direct you to the ICD Log In page where you can log in with your new password.

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