Your transaction history displays a list of all transactions under your account codes and customer IDs. Use your transaction history to view records of transactions.

Filter Transactions
Field Description
Date Range Select a date range of transactions to view (week, monthly, or year). A month of transactions display by default. Use the calendar icon to select a custom range.
Note: You can view only up to 14 months of transaction history.
Accounts, Customer IDs Displays only if you have multiple account codes and customer IDs.
Posted Transactions, Authorizations, Declines Choose to show or hide a transaction type. For example, select Decline to show declined transactions and deselect Posted and Authorizations to hide those transactions.
Print Print your transaction view including any filters.
Export Export your transaction view including any filters to an Excel spreadsheet.
Dispute Transactions Click to open the Dispute Transactions page. This option allows you to search for and dispute any transactions that require resolution.

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