Map a Device to a Unit

Now that you’ve got the profile(s) set up, you need to map your GPS Device(s) to its unit. To have your Devices uploaded to the system:

  1. Run a Device ID report from your telematics provider web portal. This report should include the Device ID and VIN.
  2. Email this report to your Account Manager.  Once your Account Manager has uploaded the information, you’ll be able to map your device to its unit.

1. Select Device to Vehicle Mapping to display the page for mapping and unmapping vehicles to Device IDs.

My Services > Telematics > Device to Vehicle Mapping

2. In the Select Action drop-down, choose Map Device and then click Retrieve to display the unassigned units/cards and devices.

Select Map Then Retrieve

3. All items in both lists are available for mapping. Choose an item from each list box, then click Map.

Select Items Then Map

4.The mapped Unit and Device ID that you selected are removed from the available lists.

Remaining Map List

Now that you have mapped the device and the unit, let’s view your alerts! If you need to remove a device from a unit, or vehicle, follow the article below.

Unmap a Device to a Unit

1. In the Select Action drop-down, choose Unmap Device and then click Retrieve.

Select Unmap Then Retrieve

2. The list shows the Units/Devices that are mapped; only mapped items are available for unmapping. Locate the mapped item in the list and click Unmap.

Select Unmap

3. The mapped item is removed from the list and Update Successful message displays.

Unmap Successful

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