Use the following instructions to set up your Enhanced Authorization Controls or Telematics / Proximity Profile(s). Once you’ve added your first profile, you can search existing profiles or copy attributes from one profile to another.

1. Log into ICD.

2. From the My Services dropdown, select Telematics / Proximity Connections. Then select Telematics / Proximity Profile Setup.

My Services > Telematics > Profile Setup

3. The Customer Telematics Profile Search page displays. Select an account code and Cust ID and then click Add a Telematics Profile. Required fields are denoted with a red asterisk.

Add A Telematics Profile

4. The Create Customer Telematics Profile page has two main sections Telematics Partner and Profile Preferences. Select the Account Code and Cust ID, and then enter your setup preferences.

Create a Profile Name that you will easily recognize in the future.

Create Telematics Profile

Using the Partner Name dropdown, select the GPS provider for the Cust ID.  Then, enter the Username, Password, and Database Name that was set up with the Partner for purposes of this program.

Telematics Partner Section

Use the Profile Preferences table below the image if you need assistance with any field.

Telematics Profile Preferences

When finished, click Save New Profile at the bottom of the page.

Telematics Email Sections
Profile Preferences
Status – Select Active to make the profile available for use and assignment (when assigned, appropriate checks will be completed during fuel transaction). Select Inactive to not enforce profile during fuel transaction.
Enable Proximity Check – Set to Yes to check for proximity from the merchant or No to not check for proximity.
Maximum Vehicle Distance from Merchant. Farthest distance allowed for truck’s last known position as compared to Merchant latitude/longitude Example: 2 Miles
Decline If Out Of Proximity – Select Yes to decline the transaction if the distance between the truck’s last known location and the merchant is greater than the distance entered above.
Proximity Ping Age Tolerance – Denotes how old a truck’s location ping can be when utilizing the location ping to check for proximity.
Enable Fuel Tank Level Check – Set to Yes to evaluate the truck’s fuel tank level at the time of card swipe.
Acceptable Tank Level – Denotes the tank level percentage that the current fuel tank level is being evaluated against.
Decline due to Fuel Level – Select ‘Yes’ to decline the transaction if the current fuel level % is above the % entered above. Example: If this is set to ‘Yes,’ and the acceptable tank level is set to 50%, then the evaluation would decline the transaction when the current fuel level of the truck is above 50%.

Fuel Level Ping Age Tolerance. – Denotes how old a truck’s tank level ping can be when utilizing the ping(s) to check for tank level decline or alert purposes
Restrict Quantity or Dollars – Select Yes, and the returned pre-authorized dollars sent to the pump will be the lesser of the standard limit set on the card or dollars needed for the available tank capacity plus the variance entered.

Fuel Purchase Example: The card is swiped and traditionally sends back the standard Mastercard Preauth amount of $150. The tank capacity of the vehicle being fueled is 20 gallons, with a variance of 10%. The fuel level ping(s) last received denotes a current fuel level of 50%. The most recent PPG at the location where the card was swiped is $2.00/gallon. Rather than returning the standard $150 Preauth, the returned preauthorized $ would be $24.00 (10 gallons of available capacity plus 2 gallons (10% variance of full tank capacity) x $2/gallon).

Email Notifications:  If an Email Notification type is Yes, a minimum of one email address must be entered for the Notification Email type
Send Unacceptable Proximity Notification Email – Sent when Enable Proximity Check is set to Yes. The distance between the truck’s last known location and the merchant is greater than the distance entered in the Maximum Vehicle Distance From Merchant field above.
Send Unacceptable Fuel Notification Email – Sent when Enable Fuel Level Check is set to Yes and No if current fuel level % is above the % entered in the Acceptable Tank Level field above.
Send New Device Email – Sent when a new device is added to the Account.

6. A PROFILE ADDED SUCCESSFULLY message displays on the Search Telematics Profiles page and the Profile is added to the end of the Profiles list. Click Edit to view or update the values on the new Profile.

Profile Successfully Added

7. The Edit Customer Telematics Profile page displays when you click Edit. You will see the same setup information that you entered when you initially created the Profile. Make your changes and click Update at the bottom of the page to save the Profile updates.

Edit Profile Page

Now that you’ve set up your profile, let’s continue on to map the device to the unit!

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