Now that you have your telematic profiles set up and devices mapped, it’s time to view the alerts.

1. Select Telematics / Proximity Connections from the main menu, and then Telematics / Proximity Alerts.

My Services > Telematics > Alerts

2. On the Telematics / Proximity Alerts page, use the FILTER BY drop-downs to customize the display.  After setting up the filters, click on the Status tab.

  • Status – ALL,  Acceptable, Unacceptable
  • Account Code – ALL Account Codes or select an Account Code
    When first navigating to this page, the user’s default Account Code will be displayed here.
  • Cust ID – ALL Cust IDs or select a Cust ID
    When first navigating to this page, the user’s default Cust ID will be displayed here.
  • Reason Code – ALL or select a specific Reason Code
Telematics Alert Filters

3. The Alerts are returned based on your filter selections.

Telematics Alerts Table

If you deem a transaction suspicious on the card, click Block Card, then click Yes to stop further transactions. Once blocked,  you’ll see a line through the Card’s last 4 Digits along with a Card Blocked message.

If you see any suspicious behavior on the card, the Block card link will display

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